John Evans, a major painter…

Painting is always a personnal matter, hard to explain.
Why are we sensitive to some work, atmosphere, feelings that escape from a landscape and why others leave us completly in marble ?
There is no logical reason. I beleive, I’m looking for the spirit, the soul I can feel when I’m looking at some paintings.
When I discovered – more than 15 years ago – John’s works, my first thought was : God, I am at home. This is the place to be, the place I was searching, the one I want to reach, to live, to experience.
So spend time with John, listening to him speak about the process of his work was amazing.

Edward Hopper and John Evans. I’m done !

But enough words, click on the link and go to exlore his web site.

Paintings as classical music and poetry give sense to life. Bring the magic.
I am blessed to have met him.

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