The door is open !!!

        Paris is back … !
     A year with no plans, nobody wandering in the streets, no smiles on the faces, no insouciance,
no future, no energy…
     After months with no life and no freedom, let’s breath again…
          Paris is back !!
     Terraces of cafés and restaurants are open again and waiters impatient to take orders, champagne is running out the bottles to celebrate a renaissance

2 Commentaires sur “The door is open !!!

  1. JoAnn says:

    I am delighted YOU are still there . It makes my heart happy.
    I hope you continue well , safe and dare I hope prosperous ?
    My fond hello and looking forward to wonderful treats from your store.
    Thank you .

  2. Lawrence Cabell Vogel says:

    Your napkins have brought happiness and sunshine to my family and me. I had hoped to be in Paris and shopping at your wonderful store and wandering the streets of St Germaine at least three times since March 2020 – but COVID stopped me in my tracks. However, thanks to your beautiful napkins I feel like I am in Paris everyday. I can’t wait to shop in person at La Maison ivre in the very near future.

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