Tea Towel “Les Girolles”


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Dimensions : 19,7″ x 31″.
Weight : 3,7 oz.
Composition : 100% cotton. Jacquard cloth.
Care : Machine wash 140° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.

You know what ?!
In Top 5 of my list !!
Ah, chanterelles, all my childhood in the undergrowth of Sologne where we went to pick mushrooms.
I remember the shady paths, the moss beds under the oaks where a piece of yellow hidden between the strands suggested the promise of surprises. There were the places that we knew and kept secret to guarantee a full basket !
My aunt Diane was Grand Chef for the chanterelle mushrooms omelettes, spiced up with a pinch of garlic and touches of parsley.
I still keep the taste in my mouth.
An elegant tea towel for refined and sober kitchens.

by Sylvine

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 77 × 57 cm
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