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Tea Towel “Figue rouge vert”


Dimensions : 19,6″ x 31,5″.
Weight : 4,5 oz.
Composition : 100% cotton.
Care : Machine wash 140° F.
Origin : French designer, indian cotton. Handblock printed. Imperfections are natural.

You know what ?!
“The playwright makes plays as a fig tree makes figs, that is to say without understanding anything” wrote Marcel Pagnol’s in “Confidences”!  As he was a true Provencal, he picked up many figs directly on the fig tree !
Don’t think about the quote or the rest, let yourself be tempted by this magnificent pattern. One of the best sales of the collection.
The table cloth is even nicer with the fig leaves for the border …
by Sylvine

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 80 × 50 cm
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