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Tea towel “Façades pâtisseries”


Dimensions : 18,9″ x 28,3″.
Weight : 4,1 oz.
Composition : 100% cotton.
Care : Machine wash 104° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.

You know what ?!
Cartoon spirit for this very French window which directly makes me think to Ladurée, just at the corner of the street.
Ah, les pâtisseries ! Religieuse, éclair, baba au rhum, millefeuille, Paris Brest, tarte aux fraises, etc, etc … I mean the one from “le bon vieux temps” !
The trend goes to a “nouveau genre” of Pâtisseries. Piece of art, small, expensive and advertised in magazines…
Far from simplicity may be ?

But, I should admit, the towel is “so cute”….
Great gift if you add the 3 other Façades : “Fromagerie”, “Boulangerie'” and “Bistrot”.
by Sylvine

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 72 × 48 cm
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