Tea towel “Basse cour gris”


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Dimensions : 19,7″ x 31″.
Weight : 4,1 oz.
Composition : 78% cotton 22% linen.
Care : Machine wash 140° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.

You know what ?!
I’m not a big fan of chickens but I kind of like the family on this towel.
Could be honored and framed in the kitchen or simply staid as a convenient dish cloth used when you serve a roosted chicken, or grilled chicken wings.
As Joei, my best Canadian friend, is fan of these two meals, I should suggest her to buy the towel…
Also in red, that means, she might buy 2 ??!! Thats starts to be intesresting !
by Sylvine


Weight 115 g
Dimensions 800 × 500 cm


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